Back Again…

When I started Constant Scribbler, I had no idea what I was I doing.

To be fair, I still don’t.

2009 looks a lot like 2018, in that I’m battling with a mean case of imposter syndrome followed by euphoric moments where I believe I can bend life to my will, and live a chic, bohemian, artsy life (preferably, in a warehouse conversion in East London).

The truth is that this blog is the only project I’ve ever started that I continually come back to. Is it a blog? Magazine? Journal? Writer’s showcase?

Who knows? Seriously, if you do know send me your answers on a self-addressed postcard.

2018 is here…yikes!

So, here we are in 2018. And, I’m still trying to do this writing thing.

I actually, went back to my old posts and had a good laugh.

I love old me; she worried about so many things that present me gives zero f**ks about.

But some challenges haven’t changed – not one damn bit!

Some issues, different year

In fact, there are issues I wrote about back in 2014 that still bother me today.

Remember my companion, the Inner Naysayer? Oh yeah, that bastard is still there.

I guess what I’m trying to say, in this weird, stream-of-consciousness post, is that despite the neglect, Constant Scribbler is still mine. It’s still my place to publish words about words, drop the occasionally f-bomb and talk about creative stuff that interests me.

Positive thinking

So here’s to 2018 and (hopefully) a longer stretch than last time… at least I hope so.

10 signs you haven’t quite come to terms with being a grown-up

1. It’s a ‘school’ night but you resent having to go bed before 11 pm. Instead of settling in for the necessary eight hours you need, you rebelliously cry, “F*ck it! Who needs sleep? Six hours are good enough!” You poor, deluded fool!

2. You want to be tidy and organised. There are even moments when your home looks like a catalogue’s wet dream. Then THAT week at work happens, and out of nowhere, a war zone erupts between your dishes, your laundry and your paperwork, and no room in your (once tidy) home is safe.

3. You panic the night before your cleaner is due because you hate the thought that she’s secretly judging you about how untidy you REALLY are!

4. “Who needs phone insurance?” as you sign for your brand new, state of the art smartphone….


5. ‘Brinner’ is the best invention since sliced bread! In fact, you love ‘brinner’ (breakfast for dinner) so much, you have eaten it every day this week under the pretence that you’re ‘going paleo’.

6. You secretly love it when your parents come to visit, because they always end up tidying/cleaning/cooking/fixing that thing that’s been broken for ages, while you ‘complain’ about them helping you and not letting you be independent. *yeah right*


7. You’re still not sure if you’re putting the washing powder and the fabric conditioner in the right compartments.

8. You still fantasize that your dream career will be handed to you on a plate, making you next big thing.

9.Your work wardrobe looks scarily like your college/sixth form wardrobe, because yes, fashion has gone full circle plus you have been working long enough to tread the lines of smart-casual (emphasis on casual) with impudence.


10. You iron as little as possible!