October Writing Challenge

Welcome to the first ever Constant Scribbler WRITING CHALLENGE!

Throughout October, you can unleash your inner wordsmith on a truly autumnal themed challenge.

This month…

Over the next 31 days, you’ll find writing prompts inspired by the changing season, and of course, Halloween! You can also find this on my Pinterest page – so please pin and share!

All guidelines for writing challenges can be found on here. And, don’t forget to publish and share your writing using #constantscribbler

Happy scribbling!


Constant Scribbler’s Writing Challenges

A new challenge for creative writers

Welcome to my new writing challenge series. Every month, I’ll be posting a new series of prompts with one aim: to get you (and me) writing.

It doesn’t matter if you write novels, short stories or flash fiction – the idea is to just write. Unleash the wordsmith within and make words appear on paper or screen!

A man typing on a laptp

A few guidelines…

There are very few rules at Constant Scribbler HQ, but a few guidelines may be helpful.

  1. Silence your inner critic and just write – don’t talk yourself out of the creative process.
  2. Where wordcount isn’t the objective – aim for a minimum of 250 words per prompt. You can write more if you choose.
  3. Some prompts or challenges will have specified word counts – try and stick to them. If in doubt, 10% under or over is usually fine.
  4. Flash fiction is quick and dirty – there will be a time limit on writing and then a small window of time for a quick spelling and grammar check!
  5. Don’t forget to share your submissions using #constantscribbler and tagging me on social media.
  6. Be respectful! I’m no prude but excessive swearing, sex and/or violence may get you an EXPLICIT or NSFL marker (or just not published!).

My unbreakable Rule

While I appreciate that some of the best stories written strive to understand the human condition and therefore, can explore some disturbing themes, I have to draw a line somewhere. Therefore, I will not accept, publish or share stories and/or content that encourages, celebrates or perpetuates hate. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • racism
  • sexism/misogyny
  • homophobia, transphobia or hateful prejudice against the LGBTQ community
  • rape, sexual assault or sexual violence
  • paedophilia or any act of harm against children

This is non-negotiable!